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At Embajadores de Málaga, we create tourist and cultural experiences with a touch of exclusivity. Our personalized tours are designed to offer unique moments, immersing you in the cultural and gastronomic wealth of Andalusia.

With detailed attention and luxury service, each trip with us becomes an unforgettable adventure. Let us turn your travel dreams into a reality full of elegance and comfort. We invite you to discover with us extraordinary experiences that will exceed all your expectations.

Baños árabes Bañuelo

With the flexibility to customize itineraries, we tailor each experience to the individual interests and needs of our travelers. Embajadores de Málaga not only contributes to the economic, tourist and cultural development of the city, but also promotes an emotional and sustainable tourism model. We want those who visit us to live a genuine experience, immersing themselves in the purest roots of Malaga life.

Day Trips

Andalusian roots

Los Gálvez

The American Heritage. The legacy of Los Gálvez

Discover the fascinating history of the Gálvez family on our unique trip to Macharaviaya, where the heritage of Spain and the United States intertwine. Bernardo de Gálvez, hero in the American War of Independence. He walks through the streets of

Raíces sefardíes. Sefarad en Málaga

Sephardic roots. Sefarad in Malaga

The “La Herencia Sefarat de Málaga” route offers an exciting and enriching journey through Sephardic history in Málaga, a city that has become a symbol of tolerance and respect. This unique experience takes visitors through the historic sites where Malaga

Herencia fenicia Mlk

Phoenician heritage. Mlk Phoenician city

Explore the fascinating Phoenician history of Malaga from Gibralfaro to the old town by visiting the Ifergan Museum with its collection of Phoenician art, offering the exclusive opportunity to acquire authentic Phoenician antiquities. Visitors will discover the legacy of this

Raíces árabes. La herencia musulmana de Málaga

Arabic roots. The Muslim heritage of Malaga

The route is a deep dive into the Islamic history of the city, highlighting its role as capital of the Cora de Rayya in Al-Andalus. From its importance in the Umayyad Caliphate to its resistance before the Catholic Monarchs, this

Our sustainable and responsible tourism offer integrates cultural, social and economic aspects, aiming for a balance between tourism development and the preservation of natural and cultural resources.

We strive to offer experiences that allow travelers to learn about and respect different cultures, lifestyles, festivities, history, architecture and monuments, contributing to mutual understanding and appreciation.

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