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“Embajadores de Málaga”, as a receptive DMC specializes in designing bespoke trips, offering a unique and personal tourism experience.

The traveller may be clear about where he wants to go or what he wants to do, or he may have simply seen an image that has inspired him, or someone has told him about a trip that awakened his desire to know that place.. Or you just want to go somewhere where you can have an enriching experience. This catalog is only the starting point for that traveller, it is a source of inspiration to create the trip of their dreams.

Alcazaba de Málaga. Jardines
Alcazaba of Málaga, Gardens

Here we present a small selection of experiences within a whole world of options.

Everything can be adapted so that the traveller has their dream trip. Just talk to our experts to see the multiple options you have and start planning that BESPOKE trip.

Some examples of

our bespoke trips

Sefarad en 4 días. Viaje a medida

Sepharad in 4 days

The history of the Jews in the Iberian Peninsula, known as Sepharad in the religious tradition of this people, left an indelible mark and their legacy lives on today.
Andalucía en 7 días

Andalusia in 7 days

In 7 days you will have an overview of all that Andalusia has to offer that will surely make you decide to come back.



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