Raíces sefardíes. Sefarad en Málaga

Sephardic roots. Sefarad in Malaga

The “La Herencia Sefarat de Málaga” route offers an exciting and enriching journey through Sephardic history in Málaga, a city that has become a symbol of tolerance and respect. This unique experience takes visitors through the historic sites where Malaga Jews left their indelible mark, exploring from the southern edge of Plaza de la Merced to the streets that once housed the synagogue, now on the site of the El Pimpi wineries. .

Participants will discover the rich history of figures such as Ben Gabirol, also known as Salomón El Malagueño, and learn how the Jewish community contributed significantly to the local culture and economy. The route reveals vestiges of a vibrant past.

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