Los Gálvez

The American Heritage. The legacy of Los Gálvez

Discover the fascinating history of the Gálvez family on our unique trip to Macharaviaya, where the heritage of Spain and the United States intertwine. Bernardo de Gálvez, hero in the American War of Independence.

He walks through the streets of Macharaviaya, feeling the influence of the Gálvez in every corner. The Gálvez Museum reveals this family’s deep connection to American history, showing how their bravery and diplomacy were crucial to independence.

It ends at the Nereo Shipyard, where the “Bergantín Galveztown” symbolizes the unbreakable Spanish-American alliance. This trip is not just a tourist tour, it is an experience of history and courage, uniting two nations in their fight for freedom.

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