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“Embajadores de Málaga”, as a receptive DMC, specializes in designing tailor-made trips, offering a unique and personal tourism experience.

The traveler may be clear about where they want to go or what they want to do, or they may simply have seen an image that inspired them or someone has told them about a trip that sparked the desire to visit that place. Or you just want to go somewhere where you can have an enriching experience. This catalog is only the starting point for that traveler, it is a source of inspiration to create the trip of his dreams.

Alcazaba de Málaga. Jardines

Here we present a small selection of experiences within a whole world of options.

Everything can be adapted so that the traveler has their dream trip. Just talk to our experts to see the many options you have and start planning that personalized trip.

Some examples of

our tailor-made trips

Sefarad en 4 días. Viaje a medida

Sepharad in 4 days

La historia de los judíos en la Península Ibérica, denominada Sefarad en la tradición religiosa de este pueblo, dejó una huella imborrable perdurando su legado hoy en día.
Andalucía en 7 días

Andalusia in 7 days

En 7 días tendrá una visión global de todo lo que Andalucía puede ofrecer que seguro le harán tomar la decisión de volver.

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